BOM record in netsuite

Built for NetSuite add-on that allows for quick generation of Assembly Items / BOM records in NetSuite. Simple to use interface that radically speeds up often lengthy and complicated ‘Engineer to Order’ process. Used by companies in the manufacturing sector that make custom products with unique specifications that change with every new order.

Why Do Customers Use BOLDAssembly?

custom orders

Allows quick product design for custom orders.

BOM creation

Simplifies BOM creation even when the components are not in the system.

Streamlines production process

Streamlines production process and speeds up fulfillment.

Converts CSV and CAD files

Converts CSV and CAD files into multi-level BOM and component records in seconds.

Sale Order screen

Creates the Assembly Item / BOM directly from the Sale Order screen.

Creates sub-assembly

Creates sub-assembly without navigating away from the interface.

drag and drop interface

Parts are not in the system? No problem, use the drag and drop interface to bring them in.