NetSuite’s advanced ERP and accounting capabilities can help construction businesses achieve rapid growth and profits.

AlphaBOLD is a leading NetSuite partner with years of expertise and successful NetSuite ERP implementations. Our experts have over a decade long experience working with architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) clients to build, implement, and customize NetSuite solutions. Our NetSuite experts leverage industry knowledge to help streamline common challenges with AEC businesses. If you are a contractor, material vendor, subcontractor, architect, or engineering company, AlphaBOLD can help you resolve common industry challenges with bidding, project management, project costing, collaboration and revenue recognition. We can help you control your costs and maximize your revenue with NetSuite’s advanced project management capabilities! 

Don’t let outdated systems hold your construction business back. It’s time to take the leap and invest in ERP software for construction. NetSuite is the preferred ERP software for construction companies across the globe. 





Streamlined Financials

NetSuite ERP for construction allows users to leverage advanced accounting capabilities that manage all back-office tasks, including general ledger control, taxes, cost management, contract accounting, etc.  

Using NetSuite for construction projects simplifies multi-entity finances, making it easier to manage multiple subcontractors. A NetSuite ERP implementation also helps streamline project invoicing and revenue recognition, common AEC industry challenges. 

Automatic Updates and New Features

By using NetSuite for construction projects, companies can enjoy limitless scalability. NetSuite’s regular updates and countless new features help construction management companies grow and optimize their operations.

Integration With Your Legacy Systems

Finding solutions that can help streamline your construction business is a difficult task. Finding one that integrates with your current system is even harder. Our BOLDEnthusiasts have years of experience implementing NetSuite Cloud ERP for construction companies. We specialize in seamless, smooth, and easy integrations of NetSuite with other platforms.

360 Degree Visibility of Business Processes

NetSuite ERP offers construction management companies a 360-degree overview of their daily business processes. By utilizing NetSuite for construction project management, you can access real-time data and eliminate any siloes between your departments. NetSuite’s construction management capabilities allows for fluid communication and rapid decision making with a 360-degree view of business processes.

One Single Source of Truth For Your Data

NetSuite is at the core of your construction business. It integrates your legacy systems along with your third-part applications bringing together all the information you need in one place. With NetSuite’s construction management capabilities, you can access your project’s data across your devices no matter where you are!

Why Choose AlphaBOLD As Your NetSuite Partner?

AlphaBOLD is a leading Oracle NetSuite partner with a team of highly committed, experienced ERP consultants. We have partnered with multiple food and beverage companies and therefore have experience helping companies implement and utilize NetSuite. We can help you achieve the operational efficiency and transparency that you need!
Furthermore, AlphaBOLD provides constant and unrivalled NetSuite support to its customers. Our highly trained ERP consultants can help you implement, customize, configure, and integrate NetSuite ERP for your company.
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