NetSuite benefits retail businesses with an advanced in-store presence that delivers a complete and modern omnichannel shopping experience by unifying the physical and digital spaces through point-of-sale solution. Choose NetSuite for your retail business’s continued success.
AlphaBOLD is a leading NetSuite partner with years of experience in implementing NetSuite ERP to establish an effective omnichannel strategy that can deliver substantial and tangible results for retail businesses. We can help you leverage NetSuite’s robust capabilities to manage financials, POS, e-commerce, marketing, inventory, and order management.

NetSuite benefits your retail business – Here’s how:


NetSuite for Retail Businesses - Features 

NetSuite benefits retail organizations with advanced, cloud-based business management solutions.

In-Store POS



Order Management​

Business Intelligence

Inventory and Supplier Management


NetSuite SuiteSuccess For Retail Companies

As NetSuite experts, AlphaBOLD has completed many NetSuite ERP implementations and thus has a deep understanding of the challenges modern retailers face in today’s competitive landscape. Our NetSuite consultants utilize NetSuite SuiteSuccess for retail companies, a collateral crafted by NetSuite to help focus on: 

360° Customer Experience

With e-commerce and omnichannel capabilities in-built in your business solution, you can enhance your customer experience and extend your outreach through online engagement. NetSuite SuiteSuccess for retail companies empowers companies to achieve this with pre-designed user dashboards and powerful analytics.

BOLDRoute Methodology 

BOLDRoute is a path to a successful implementation that came out of many years of implementation experience in various industry verticals. It is designed to provide structure to the project’s execution, and its steps are clear and easy to follow.  

A Single Source Of Truth

NetSuite for retail empowers retailers with a single view of customer orders, inventory, and items in the pipeline. With real-time data, customer insights, and inventory management, all business channels are easily operated from a unified business solution.

Why Choose AlphaBOLD As Your NetSuite Partner?

AlphaBOLD is a leading Oracle NetSuite partner with a team of highly committed, experienced ERP consultants. We have partnered with multiple food and beverage companies and therefore have experience helping companies implement and utilize NetSuite. We can help you achieve the operational efficiency and transparency that you need!
Furthermore, AlphaBOLD provides constant and unrivalled NetSuite support to its customers. Our highly trained ERP consultants can help you implement, customize, configure, and integrate NetSuite ERP for your company.
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