A no-cost NetSuite Power BI data connector that streamlines data management within your system

Are you ready to boost executive visibility with real-time NetSuite insights in Power BI? 

Scaling businesses often face a common paradox with NetSuite: while it’s renowned as a top-tier platform, it frequently presents hurdles in data management, visualization, and reporting. This struggle is all too familiar to NetSuite users, who battle with the complexities of CSV imports and managing multiple spreadsheets. These challenges are more than just inconveniences; they significantly drain your business’s time and resources. Fortunately, AlphaBOLD’s BOLDSuite, a no-cost NetSuite Power BI data connector, is specifically designed to guide businesses into a new era of streamlined data management. BOLDSuite transforms how you handle analytics within NetSuite, turning complex data challenges into opportunities for insightful analysis.

The Executive Advantage of BOLDSuite Analytics

Enhance decision-making, access real-time data, and improve data management and visualizations with one simple fix; our NetSuite Power BI data connector enables the entire C-suite to access, organize, visualize, and analyze their ERP data.
CFOs and Financial Executives Inventory and Operations Managers CMOs and Sales Leaders CTOs, IT Executives, and Project Managers
  • Budget vs. Actuals Report
  • Real-time financial oversight 
  • Enhanced budget adherence and compliance tracking 
  • Direct integration with NetSuite for financial management 
  • Order Summary Report

  • Automated sales commission tracking  
  • Insights into sales performance metrics 
  • Optimize sales strategies directly through NetSuite 
  • Sales Commission Report
  • Comprehensive project data analysis 
  • Real-time tracking and decision-making support 
  • Enhanced project governance integrated with NetSuite 
  • Project Management Report
  • Comprehensive project data analysis 
  • Real-time tracking and decision-making support 
  • Enhanced project governance integrated with NetSuite 

Features of NetSuite Power BI Data Connector:

  • Partners often have specialized knowledge in specific industries or areas of NetSuite.
  • They may provide more personalized and tailored services based on your specific business needs.
  • Partners can offer competitive pricing and flexible support packages.
  • They often provide local, on-the-ground support that can benefit certain businesses.

Elevate Your Business with BOLDSuite Analytics

Are you prepared to take your business analytics to the next level? BOLDSuite Analytics effortlessly integrates your NetSuite data with Power BI, removing the hassle of manual data entry and ensuring that your data is always current, accurate, and visualization ready.  

The Future Belongs to Data

BOLDSuite Analytics works perfectly with our organization. It allows us to track KPIs and streamline our overall project data. With this solution in place, we can track costs, isolate discrepancies, and become a more proactive organization.

Rich Lyman, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Netronix Inc.

Simple Enough For Any Business User, Powerful Enough To Handle Your Biggest Data Challenges

Embrace the efficiency of BOLDSuite Analytics and revolutionize how you interact with your NetSuite data. Our NetSuite Power BI data connector provides a seamless and direct connection to Power BI, bypassing the complexities and costs of traditional data warehousing.


Direct Pipeline to Power BI

Connect your NetSuite data directly with Power BI. Say goodbye to the convolutions of data warehousing. 


Cost Reduction

Eliminate the need for additional middleware or ETL tools. Keep your data securely within your organization, reducing expenses and enhancing security. 


Simplified Data Handling

Free yourself from manual data transfers and complex mappings. BOLDSuite Analytics understands and adapts to your data structure effortlessly.

With BOLDSuite Analytics, data-driven decisions become second nature. We remove the barriers, letting you focus on gleaning insights and making informed decisions. Your NetSuite data is more than just numbers; it’s the key to unlocking your business’s full potential. 

Dashboards That Give You Visibility, Control, and Vision

  • Cut Through the Data Clutter: Ditch the file chase and endless Excel tabs.  BOLDSuite Analytics presents your NetSuite data in a unified, interactive Power BI dashboard, revealing hidden insights and trends at a glance. 
  • Unlock Real-Time Actionable Insights: No more waiting for reports. Gain instant visibility into critical business metrics across departments, empowering you to react quickly and confidently to any market shift. 
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions with Ease: Forget complex analytics.  This NetSuite Power BI connector has intuitive dashboards designed for users of all levels, giving you the clarity and confidence to make informed, data-driven decisions. 
  • Unleash Power, Simplify Integration: Handle even the most intricate datasets with ease.  BOLDSuite Analytics’ robust data engine integrates seamlessly with NetSuite, offering out-of-the-box features at no additional cost. 
  • Free Up Your Time, Boost Your ROI: Automate data tasks and free up valuable hours for strategic initiatives.  BOLDSuite Analytics lets you focus on what matters most while it handles the data-heavy lifting, enhancing your efficiency and ROI. 

Seamless Integration For Real-time, Data-driven Insights

With BOLDSuite Analytics, integrating and enhancing your data analytics capabilities has never been easier. Embrace the power of seamless integration and unlock the full potential of your business data.

Key Integration Capabilities:

  •  Dual Compatibility: Specifically designed for seamless integration with both NetSuite and Power BI, BOLDSuite Analytics bridges the gap between these two powerful platforms, ensuring cohesive and efficient data analysis. 
  • Easy API and Integration: Our solution simplifies connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly link with other data sources. This capability extends the range and depth of your data analysis, enriching your business insights. 
  • Pre-Built Templates: Jumpstart your data analytics journey with our range of ready-to-use reporting tools. These templates are designed to provide quick and relevant insights, tailored to various business scenarios. 

Common NetSuite User FAQs for BOLDSuite Analytics

BOLDSuite Analytics enhances your NetSuite experience by providing direct access to Power BI for advanced analytics and reporting. It is a NetSuite Power BI data connector that simplifies data management, eliminates manual data transfers and mappings, and offers real-time insights directly within your NetSuite environment. 

  • BOLDSuite Analytics is a no-cost solution for NetSuite users. It offers a cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for additional middleware or ETL tools. This reduces overall expenses and keeps your data securely within your organization.  

*Power BI license required. 

Yes, BOLDSuite Analytics is designed to efficiently manage and analyze large datasets. Its optimized data engine ensures fast performance and reliable insights, even with extensive business data.

BOLDSuite Analytics allows you to customize dashboards and reports to fit your specific business needs, using Power BI’s robust range of tools and features.

BOLDSuite Analytics prioritizes data security. It uses secure, token-based authentication for data connections, ensuring that your sensitive business information remains protected. 

BOLDSuite Analytics offers flexibility by allowing you to pull NetSuite Workbook datasets and merge them with other external data sources for comprehensive analysis.

BOLDSuite Analytics is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It offers an intuitive integration process, making it accessible even to users with minimal technical expertise. 

To get started, simply request a demo on our website. Our team will reach out to provide a curated demonstration and complimentary demo to help you integrate BOLDSuite Analytics with your NetSuite system. 

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