2 November, 2021

Business Software – Better Results And More Success With NetSuite


Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, business owners have been looking to leverage efficient business software such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to help optimize their current practices. NetSuite is one of the leading ERP platforms globally and is built to help small and medium organizations across industries adapt and prosper in a constantly changing market. 

Global Disruption – How Can Companies Emerge Strong with Business Software?

Even though the economy is slowly overcoming the effects of the COVID pandemic, the current paradigm has revealed that most organizations do not have sufficient control and visibility relative to their operations. The pandemic has also highlighted that organizations do not have future-facing capabilities. Many organizations relied on outdated legacy systems that were not equipped to deal with a disparate, remote workforce. They did not have communication channels in place that could support a hybrid work environment. Most importantly, they did not have visibility into their businesses that would allow them to plan. It became clear that companies needed to take a hard look at how they were managing their operations. 

According to Gartner, global spending on cloud services is forecasted to increase by 18.4% in 2021. Today, running your business in the cloud is no longer a choice; it is a must. Without modern, easily accessible business software, companies can no longer stay competitive.  Businesses are more spread out than ever having to deal with displaced employees who need to connect, share, and process information in a time-sensitive manner. 

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Organizations realize that they need to address this gap with business software such as an ERP system. Since many organizations have adopted a  hybrid work model, i.e., half of the workforce will work in an office, and half will work remotely, ERP systems such as NetSuite have gained more popularity. This is mainly due to the ability of these platforms to adapt to change, improve decision making, enhance visibility, and scale alongside the businesses. 

Why NetSuite?

NetSuite is the front runner when it comes to ERP systems. It is the #1 cloud ERP for accounting and financials. It has advanced HR and CRM capabilities and is the complete modern eCommerce solution for modern enterprises. Unlike other ERP systems, NetSuite can scale along with the company, making it the preferred choice of fast-growing companies of all sizes and industries. 

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In the current business landscape, change and adaptability are the very nature of business. It is essential to invest in a technology solution that has ‘got your back.’ Let’s look at two of NetSuite’s top tier capabilities to see how it can and has helped businesses remain afloat during tough times! 

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Ecommerce Capabilities

For example, when retailers were forced to shut down due to COVID-19, they quickly realized that they could gain access to untapped markets and resources by improving their web presence and eCommerce capabilities. This online presence gave many organizations a competitive advantage. Therefore, it is no surprise why a growing number of companies use NetSuite for its advanced eCommerce features. Thus, modern-day organizations need to invest in business software such as NetSuite with advanced eCommerce capabilities. 

One of NetSuite’s many strengths is one complete solution with an ERP back end, marketing engine, CRM, and eCommerce capabilities. The system utilizes one specific data set – NetSuite is the only solution in the market to have this! 

You may have a web presence already but ask yourself, how easy would it be to share the same dataset as your sales-funnel charged CRM!  NetSuite not only does that but also streamlines your post-sale experience and manage tickets and back-end financials in one comprehensive system! 

With NetSuite, you can use what you already have. You will not need to invest in new functionalities to meet your scaling needs since the technology you will need to support your efforts will already be with you! You will be able to explore new markets and drive sales seamlessly! The technology to support your efforts will already be with you! ERP business software enables companies to get a global, comprehensive, and real-time view of data throughout the business. Moreover, with an ERP system like NetSuite, companies can take timely, informed decisions that help lower costs and enhance customer service. 

Visibility and Reporting

Another problem highlighted in COVID-19 was that companies had some disparate business units in place, and none communicated with one another effectively. Most companies had employees spending countless hours wading through spreadsheets and importing/exporting data to figure out basic things. Furthermore, since some of these incompatible systems were on-prem and not on the cloud, companies did not have access to their data when lockdowns forced the whole world into a hibernation. This highlighted the importance of cloud business software – which brings us again to NetSuite. 

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NetSuite allows employees all across the company, regardless of departments/business unit, the ability to access the same data any time, any place. Furthermore, it eliminates problems of disparate, on-prem systems with benefits like: 

  • Real-time data at the click of a button  
  • A centralized, highly accurate database  
  • Compliance data to meet your business needs 
  • Powerful data visualization tools to track insights and trends 
  • Mobile access for employees to make sure they have access to company data 

AlphaBOLD as your NetSuite Partner!

AlphaBOLD can help transform your business with NetSuite’s advanced capabilities. Our NetSuite consultants can help companies of all sizes implement, integrate, refine, and customize their operations! 

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Our experienced BOLDEnthusiasts have years of business process expertise and vast product knowledge. Our support services are unrivalled, and we have never lost a customer! We helped companies across various industries operate more efficiently and grow. We can help you run your business on one, integrated cloud solutions with specific customizations that ensure your success! AlphaBOLD is the partner of choice of leading companies! We provide personalized business guidance, excellent support services, and complete commitment.  

  • Unlike big consulting companies, AlphaBOLD has the right amount of time and skills to give you customized, committed services without charging an insane price. 
  • We are an international and diverse organization with a global clientele. Our diversity offers a unique, international perspective on technical and business problems. 
  • Our analysts possess experience across many industries and business sectors; this means that we will incorporate the leading practices for your enterprise. 
  • Our highly skilled staff allows us to build platforms from scratch and assist with the existing platforms. 

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