AlphaBOLD at SuiteWorld 2021

SuiteWorld 2021 successfully connected the NetSuite community both in-person and virtually! The sessions were packed with insightful information and critical tips that empower users to get more out of their NetSuite partnership. 

As a proud NetSuite partner, AlphaBOLD’s NetSuite Practice Manager, Ilija Budimir, and Vice President, Tayyab Ali, took a front-row seat to hear from NetSuite’s all-star customers, executives, and industry leaders. 


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SuiteWorld Highlights:

  • Success stories of companies that utilized technology to advance  
  • Breakout sessions among product areas and significant business topics, including globalization, scalability, and operational efficiency  
  • Connect with NetSuite experts, executives, and clients ideate and network.  
  • A live performance by none other than Jason Derulo.  

There was a lot of exciting news in the opening keynote presented by Evan Goldberg, i.e. the introduction of Customer 360, SuiteBanking, Advanced Customer Support (ACS) Playbooks, and more.  

Multiple industry experts joined Goldberg to discuss the importance of growth. They discussed their journeys and highlighted how challenging growing a business is, especially under uncertain business conditions.  

He explained that despite the uncertainty in the business climate, many new businesses are propping up across the globe and finding opportunities to adapt to uncertainty. Modern-day businesses are finding new paths and equipping themselves with future-facing capabilities.   

Goldberg pointed out how modern organizations are struggling to: 

  • Quickly adapt to constant change 
  • Predict demand 
  • Improve productivity amidst complexity 
  • Unite the organization’s process 
  • Increase velocity 
  • Minimize risk 

He then outlined the three critical superpowers that can help businesses answer these questions and succeed in today’s landscape. These are: 

  • Automation 
  • Insights 
  • Agility 


Driving growth with automation 

Goldberg stated that companies today need to move fast but cannot do so due to process inefficiencies and manual practices. Furthermore, such bottlenecks only seem to increase as businesses scale. “It’s all about being able to accomplish your mission faster, bigger, better than ever before.” – said Goldberg. 

To help companies automate their core financial processes, NetSuite announced SuiteBanking – a new offering that extends ERP into fintech! SuiteBanking automates accounts payable and accounts receivable practices, thus enhancing cash flow.  


Furthermore, SuiteBanking will release features including a global wallet, bill capture, mobile expense capture, and a virtual card to boost stability, productivity, and efficiency in the banking field. 

Driving insights from data 

Another point highlighted by Goldberg was that it is not enough to gather data; companies need to drive insights and extract value from data. Goldberg pointed out how data lives both inside and outside NetSuite, and companies need to bring together these sources to make valuable connections and isolate patterns/trends.  

NetSuite and Oracle’s new data warehouse, the  NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, fulfils this demand by presenting a comprehensive intelligent BI platform. It is a cloud-based, prebuilt data warehousing and analytics solution designed to consolidate various data sources, CSVs, business system data, and NetSuite data to gain actionable insights through the Oracle Analytics Cloud.  

Agility for flexibility 

Goldberg introduced agility as the final and most important superpower. He quoted the business landscape during the pandemic and how companies constantly needed to adapt. He cited real customer success stories of clients operating in the medical industry, the service industry, and the software industry, each with different business models, goals, and customers.  

He then discussed the different business challenges these companies faced and optimized their processes using the NetSuite platform. From entering new channels to setting up a consistent scenario planning practice, NetSuite helped these companies through everything.  

Additionally, SuiteWorld 2021 also announced NetSuite’s expansion of the Advanced Customer Support (ACS) to prescriptive playbooks to leverage NetSuite’s robust capabilities to optimize investments. David Rodman of NetSuite took to the stage to explain how the ACS playbooks are designed to help clients accelerate their return on investment (ROI). 

With ACS, NetSuite will bridge the gap between go-live and customer support by addressing companies’ operational challenges and growth milestones. 

AlphaBOLD as your trusted NetSuite advisor: 

We are AlphaBOLD, and we are NetSuite ERP experts! We utilize decades of NetSuite experience to help your business succeed by aligning NetSuite to your business processes. We can be your NetSuite solution provider! 

Our goal is to be your long-term partner; we want to support you in various areas, help you through operational challenges, and partake in your successes. We want to grow with you as your trusted NetSuite solution provider!