RSA’s Transformation: Solving Complex Issues in NetSuite ERP with AlphaBOLD, Boosting Efficiency

Navigating a Seismic Shift in Cybersecurity

In 1982, three giants of cryptography – Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman – etched their names into the digital landscape with the revolutionary RSA algorithm. This wasn’t just code; it was a shield protecting the secrets of a nascent internet. RSA, the company born from its brilliance, quickly became a leader in identity security, its name synonymous with trust and encryption.

Fast forward to 2023, RSA faced a pivotal change. As they transitioned away from their legacy ERP system, their world, deeply entrenched in cybersecurity and protecting the most sensitive organizations, was on the brink of a seismic shift. With hundreds of millions in revenue and a global footprint, RSA was a giant in its field, but even giants have their trials.

One trial began when a consortium of private equity investors purchased RSA from Dell. That led to multiple changes across RSA, including a strategic move from SAP to NetSuite aimed at boosting efficiency. However, this transition was not without its complexities. It brought to light key challenges: adapting to NetSuite, managing complex Boomi integrations, and overseeing multiple business units, each operating with its own NetSuite instance.

this image shows RSA's Transformation: Solving Complex Issues in NetSuite ERP with AlphaBOLD, Boosting Efficiency

AlphaBOLD to the Rescue: More Than Just Consultants

AlphaBOLD stepped in as more than a strategic partner for RSA; they became an essential ally in navigating through this technical ordeal. AlphaBOLD’s consultants transcended beyond addressing immediate issues; they laid the groundwork for RSA’s future growth and scalability. 

Judd Halenza, Business Development Executive at AlphaBOLD, reflects, “We dove deep into understanding RSA’s unique challenges, which enabled us to tailor solutions that not only resolved immediate issues but also set a foundation for sustainable growth.” 

The collaboration between RSA and AlphaBOLD was a journey marked by the power of transparency and synergy. Brendan from RSA and the AlphaBOLD team worked in perfect harmony, leading to groundbreaking outcomes: 

  • AlphaBOLD’s gap analysis identified and resolved complex NetSuite implementation and migration issues, transforming them into manageable tasks.  
  • They streamlined complex system management and automated bank reconciliations (the process of comparing internal records with bank statements ensures the accuracy and completeness of transactions), reducing the daunting number of open tickets to just 40.  
  • By automating project creation, they saved a full day’s work each week, significantly boosting productivity. 
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Project Summary and Key Achievements:

RSA’s partnership with AlphaBOLD has been a paradigm of strategic and technical excellence. The seamless migration from SAP to NetSuite stands as a testament to RSA’s adept handling of complex transitions, despite tight resource constraints. This achievement is further underscored by the successful BOOMI integrations, including key banking partnerships.  

RSA now can seamlessly operate five distinct NetSuite instances across various business units, showcasing their expertise in customization and coordination. The post-implementation phase saw RSA ensuring the long-term stability and reliability of the NetSuite system, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable solutions. Furthermore, AlphaBOLD helped RSA build an in-house team for NetSuite management that enhanced operational control and reduced external dependencies. This shows that AlphaBOLD is not in this for short-term gains, but we are in it for the long haul. 

This partnership between RSA and AlphaBOLD redefined technological adaptation and efficiency benchmarks. Overcoming challenges, their collaboration signifies the power of strategic partnership and innovation. This venture not only revolutionized RSA’s operations but also set a new trajectory for its future growth and resilience in the realm of cybersecurity. 

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