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BOLDSuite Analytics vs. NetSuite Power BI Connector Competitors


As a business leader, you must rely on intuition and guts, but today’s decision-making is highly data-driven. Even though data is regarded as the “currency of the future,” most C-level executives still have difficulty making the most of it, and that’s a considerable issue top managers need to address. If you’re a company leader who uses NetSuite as your ERP software, you already have a solid foundation for data-driven decision-making. Next, you need an effective BI tool to help you further your decision-making efforts. Luckily, you’ve landed on the right blog post because we will provide you with a comprehensive comparison of NetSuite Power BI connectors on the market.  

Traditionally, decision-making has always been influenced by the knowledge and instincts of business leaders. Unfortunately, this is a major contributing factor to the alarming figure that 90% of start-ups and small enterprises today fail. C-level executives need data-driven insights to remain ahead of the competition, make quick choices, and understand customer behavior. Let’s discuss the global data analysis issues that leaders like you face, why you might need a NetSuite Power BI connector, and how to choose a good connector to simplify your decision-making. 

Why Do C-levels Need a NetSuite Power BI Connector?

Infographics show the Why Do C-levels Need a NetSuite Power BI Connector

Modern businesses are rarely beholden to a single software platform. In today’s data landscape, it’s common for companies to leverage best-of-breed solutions, running their ERP on one cloud platform (like NetSuite) and their CRM on another, with perhaps data lakes storing historical information in between. This creates a siloed data environment, where valuable insights are scattered across various platforms. For C-level executives, this fragmented data landscape presents a significant challenge. To make informed decisions, they need a holistic view of their entire data ecosystem.  

According to EY survey, 81% of global enterprise leaders know that making data-based decisions keeps them competitive. Despite this, just 31% of the most successful businesses claim to be data-driven enterprises. These days, it’s imperative to integrate multiple data sources so that the final product is interactive, readable, and visually appealing.  

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool with tremendous capabilities, and many companies utilizing NetSuite ERP use Power BI connectors to customize their experiences. This configuration gives business analysts and leaders like you access to various reporting and analysis tools.  

By transforming unstructured data into meaningful information, the integration of Power BI and NetSuite enables enterprises to improve how they make decisions. It is also essential for forming business strategies and encouraging improved teamwork. In this way, businesses can fully grasp new market trends supporting their organization’s continued growth and development.  

Looking to empower your organization’s leadership with the right tools? Learn how integrating Power BI with your ERP system will help you drive growth: How Power BI and NetSuite Integration Help Businesses. 

Choosing the Right Connector for Integrating NetSuite with Power BI:

When navigating the world of NetSuite to Power BI connectors, selecting the ideal one that aligns with your specific requirements, whether around authentication, middleware, or other factors, is crucial for optimizing your ERP decision-making. It is important to have a trustworthy guide who can make the journey more informed, and thus, more productive.   

Companies often have a vague understanding of their sales, expenses, budgets, and initiatives. As a result, users find it more challenging to monitor company performance and operations. Businesses generate manual reports to get around these problems, but doing so is laborious since it requires them to maintain and update several spreadsheets manually. All of this takes a lot of extra time and work. Businesses can visualize their operations with a range of capabilities and functions offered by NetSuite. To fully comprehend their data, organizations need additional depth and flexibility in a few areas, which NetSuite may not provide.  

To address these challenges, businesses must allocate funds to additional reporting and analytics tools like a NetSuite Power BI connector, which helps them see through their organization’s data.  

Infographics show the User Guide for NetSuite Solutions

NetSuite Supply Allocation Guide

Comprehensive guide for successful NetSuite ERP implementation, empowering users with expert insights and strategies.

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Comprehensive Comparison of NetSuite Power BI Connectors

Given the number of tools available and the wide range of data analytics demands across enterprises, the comparison of NetSuite Power BI connectors has become increasingly complicated. We understand that business leaders face this difficulty, which is why we have meticulously curated a selection of third-party NetSuite Power BI connectors like BOLDSuite Analytics, CData and Zone Reporting. This carefully chosen collection aims to facilitate your decision-making process by offering a thorough rundown of each tool’s fundamental features. By giving you a full grasp of the advantages and disadvantages of each choice, our comparison study will help you select the best solution for your company’s requirements. Lets dive right in! 

1. BOLDSuite Analytics:

BOLDSuite Analytics is a NetSuite Power BI connector designed to provide you with the maximum strategic value from data. This tool simplifies processes like data extraction, transformation, and loading for business leaders so they can easily access and analyze their NetSuite data within the interactive environment of Power BI. BOLDSuite Analytics stands out in the comparison of NetSuite Power BI connectors because it brings data to life by demonstrating it in a way that shows patterns, discovers opportunities, and exposes potential issues before they accelerate, this tool brings financial data to life.  

Key Features and Benefits of BOLDSuite Analytics:

  • Seamless Integration: BOLDSuite Analytics combines the powerful data management of NetSuite with the powerful analytical capabilities of Power BI to provide a seamless, REST-based connection to NetSuite.  
  • Token-Based Authentication for Improved Data Security: BOLDSuite Analytics uses a token-based authentication method that guarantees that your data meets the highest data security and compliance requirements while being safely safeguarded and seamlessly integrated.  
  • Advanced-Data Extraction with Workbook Analytics: BOLDSuite Analytics simplifies data extraction from NetSuite Workbooks. It effectively gathers data for business leaders, allowing for more in-depth and insightful analysis, whether it be financial data, sales metrics, or inventory information.  
  • Large Dataset Storage: BOLDSuite analytics is created to handle large datasets based on data-driven modeling. It’s specifically designed to process large volumes of data without compromising the accuracy or efficiency of your data.  
  • Specialized Reporting: BOLDSuite analytics provides exceptional reporting capabilities such as:  
    • Budget vs. Actual Reporting: Enables customers to manage their budgets and make financial plans more effectively by providing a real-time financial overview and in-depth insights into finances by department and account type.  
    • Order Summary Report: Assists users with real-time inventory tracking, order rate computation, and retrieval of extensive sales information. 
    • Sales Commissions Report: Provides executives with a comprehensive picture of sales success by automatically and correctly tracking sales commissions.  
    • Project Management Report: Uses interactive graphics to simplify complicated project data. This facilitates real-time tracking of project achievements and helps keep projects on budget and on schedule for consumers.  

Are you a CFO looking for a powerful NetSuite Power BI connector to streamline your financial insights? We’ve got you!  

See BOLDSuite Analytics through a lens of CFO   

Pros and Cons: Why Choose BOLDSuite Analytics as a NetSuite Connector? 

  • Pros  
    • BOLDSuite Analytics uses token-based authentication to enhance data security.  
    • Integration with Power BI makes it a powerful tool for data analysis.  
    • The flexibility to design custom reports by merging NetSuite data with external data sources allows for tailored insights. 
  • Cons  
    • Includes a series of out-of-box dashboards. Other custom dashboards come at an hourly cost.  

Navigate the World of NetSuite Analytics with Ease!

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2. CData NetSuite Power BI Connector:

CData’s Power BI connector supports real-time analytics and live access to NetSuite CRM & ERP data for Power BI’s engineering and optimization. It produces insightful charts, reports and metadata information based on accepted standards that enable Power BI to detect fields of data such as text, numerical, location, date/time, and more.

Features and Benefits of CDATA:

  • To identify different sorts of data, you can use server-side features and proficient row-scanning.
  • You can demonstrate current connections using parent-child hierarchies or foreign keys.
  • The CData NetSuite Connector offers complex query processing features and contains an embedded SQL Engine that pushes supported SQL operations to the data source.
  • CData connector can provide good access to real-time data. It is built around a very effective query engine that includes streaming and compression capabilities and has been tuned all the way down to the socket level.

Pros and Cons: Why Choose CData as a NetSuite Connector?

  • Pros
    • Offers improved categorization and accurate data presentation for informative reporting.
    • With SQL-92 compatibility, the Embedded SQL Engine facilitates complex data analysis.
  • Cons
    • Complex features might need a high degree of skill, which could be problematic for companies without specialized IT departments.
    • Performance may be impacted by client-side processing of unsupported activities.

3. Zone Reporting:

ZoneReporting is another third-party NetSuite Power BI connector in the market, and it is a pre-built analytics tool for NetSuite. It offers quick implementation, comprehensive in-built data models, and integrative capabilities for additional data sources. This Power BI solution can generate immersive dashboards for users that offer insights for budgets and forecasts. Moreover, it has 365 days of data backup capabilities in case of disaster recovery.

Key Features and Benefits of BOLDSuite Analytics:

  • Pre-built data modeling and data warehousing offers enterprise-level ability to handle customization and data management.
  • Pre-built integrations offer additional source integrations to provide one version of data analysis for optimal results. You can join data from sources like Salesforce and other connectors on top of data provided by NetSuite.
  • The CFO-built dashboard offers 50+ inbuilt reports that reconcile your ERP solution with more than a hundred KPIs and financial or operational metrics.
  • Budget/forecast reports allow users to import and track multiple budgets and forecasts. You can import your forecasts and budgets from Excel or Emp tool.
  • The disaster recovery feature backs up your data for up to 365 days. You can access this data within Power BI to keep your business operational in case the main source is compromised.

Pros and Cons: Why Choose ZoneReporting as a NetSuite Connector?

  • Pros
    • Includes comprehensive pre-built data models and 50+ pre-built reports.
    • 365 days of data backup and recovery.
    • Offers 2-day Power BI training to enhance user adoption.
  • Cons
    • Potential limitations in customizability due to the pre-built nature of reports and models
    • Concerns regarding data security and control.

Table-Comparison of NetSuite Power BI connectors

Here’s a table that compares the features of NetSuite Power BI Connector vs. other BI tools:

Criteria BOLDSuite Analytics ZoneReporting CData


Secure REST-based connection with NetSuite; merges with external data sources.
Direct NetSuite integration with pre-built models and reports.
Integrates seamlessly with NetSuite CRM & ERP.


High customization with external data sources.
Pre-built reports with limited customization.
High degree of customization through complex SQL queries.


May require technical knowledge for setup. 

Quick implementation with 2-day training. 

Straightforward for users familiar with Power BI and NetSuite. 

Data Security 

Token-based authentication. 

365 days of data backup. 

Standard security practices. 


Less costly as compared to other connectors. 

Time and cost savings are highlighted. 

Cost details require direct contact, which suggests variable pricing. 

Analytics & Reporting 

Customizable dashboards for insights. 

Pre-built reports and KPIs that might limit customization. 

Produces real-time analytics, insightful charts, reports and metadata information. 

Learning Curve 

Custom report design through Power BI experts + training to facilitate user adoption. 

Training is provided to facilitate adoption.

Significant learning curve for users new to SQL or Power BI. 


The data analytics market is full of options and opportunities ready to be utilized by companies looking to exploit the power of data. But you need a partner who goes the distance with you and understands the importance of security, productivity, and accuracy all at once. We at AlphaBOLD understand your Power BI needs and have multiple years of NetSuite experience under our belt. BOLDSuite Analytics is curated to quench your thirst for efficient reporting and data visualization within NetSuite. We have a team of Power BI experts at the backend to provide you with 24/7 assistance with anything you need or any challenge that you might face.

Discover the Power of Data with BOLDSuite Analytics

Experience the ease of seamless integration, enhanced data security, and insightful, customizable reporting that BOLDSuite Analytics offers. Don’t just take our word for it – see it in action!

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