16 February, 2024

NetSuite Field Service Management in 2024 – What’s New?


Your clients count on your field service experts to solve issues and problems from the get-go, and your company depends on them to offer stellar service that builds strong customer bonds and drives revenue growth. Achieving these goals means field service organizations must remove inefficient manual processes that drag on service delivery effectiveness, customer happiness, and profit margins. This is where NetSuite Field Service Management can save you and help boost productivity in service delivery, crunch operational expenses, and lift the customer satisfaction rate. NetSuite accomplishes this by integrating, automating, and bringing digital transformation to the entire process chain. This, in turn, enhances scheduling workforce management, giving field technicians the right tools to make your business’s field service offerings both more efficient and financially rewarding.

Following Oracle NetSuite’s acquisition of Next Technik, a front-runner in providing field service management solutions tailored for NetSuite users, a new horizon has opened up. This acquisition helps every organization- from mid-sized to large enterprises- kick their field service game up a notch. For example, plumbing and hardware firms can modernize their scheduling and dispatch processes. Distributors and manufacturers can empower themselves to handle their inventory and assets better, boosting productivity and customer approvals. Moreover, you can enhance communication between field and office staff, streamlining inventory and customer asset management to have a clearer view of data in real-time. All your field service challenges are catered to by one product- NetSuite Field Service Management.

This blog will explore the features of NetSuite Field Service Management and what enhancements the first NetSuite Release of 2024 has unraveled for its customers.

How Can NetSuite Help You Manage Field Services?

Every business operating in field services understands the struggle to ensure smooth and prompt coordination between their office staff and field personnel. The communication gap between the field technicians and office staff is a gap that requires an effective solution. You can say goodbye to these communication gaps with NetSuite Field Service Management, which was announced at SuiteWorld 2023 and incorporated into the latest NetSuite 2024 Release 1. It is fully equipped to tackle these hurdles effectively, allowing teams to save precious time and accomplish more tasks swiftly.

From office workers to technicians, everyone benefits! Let’s see a few examples of how NetSuite’s field service capabilities can transform key tasks for various users involved throughout the field service process:

This image shows the NetSuite Field Service Management capabilities
  • Office workers can effortlessly generate work orders in NetSuite linked to specific cases, sales orders, or projects. The system smartly assigns jobs to the technician who has the necessary expertise and is also closest to the job location, thanks to its scheduling board.
  • Managers can sort jobs based on factors like region, labor costs, and the type of job within the scheduler. Plus, with color-coded statuses, it’s a breeze to keep track of every job’s progress at just a glance.
  • For dispatchers, adjusting job schedules and reassigning tasks is simple with the tool’s drag-and-drop feature, making it easier than ever to manage field service operations.
  • For technicians, the system loops in new assignments via a mobile app, which lets them view their schedule and customer and equipment histories and even provides directions to their next site. Once they’re on-site, they can log the use of any products directly in the app, which then updates the inventory in real-time, and they can also jot down notes and summaries about the job. This way, the office team can keep an eye on job statuses as they happen, eliminating the need to check in with field staff through texts or calls constantly.

Key Features of NetSuite Field Service Management

Let’s explore the features of NetSuite Field Service Management, so you have a better idea of its capabilities.

Scheduling and Dispatch:

Imagine streamlining your workflow with a simple drag-and-drop schedule board, where you can match jobs to the technicians best suited for them based on their expertise, location, or the specific equipment needing attention. This doesn’t just help you fill slots; it ensures the right fit for every job, translating to real-time updates at your fingertips. Creating service orders directly from NetSuite—whether they stem from cases, sales orders, projects, or are tied to customer assets—has never been easier or more efficient.

Mobile App:

This image shows the NetSuite Field Service Management mobile app

Give your field technicians the power to carry the office with them, wherever they go, on their preferred devices. It’s about cutting the cord on those burdensome calls back to the office for information that should be readily available. This app offers everything from detailed job descriptions, locations, service histories, and any potential safety issues to managing parts inventory. They can capture photos, gather signatures, and submit expenses with a few taps and swipes, streamlining the repair process and significantly improving the time it takes to get the job done.

This app transforms the very landscape of field service management, making every job more personal and impactful. With NetSuite Field Service Management, you’re not just working smarter; you’re redefining what it means to be efficient and effective in the field.

Since NetSuite acquired Next Technik, the innovative mobile app can now significantly improve the chances of fixing issues on the first visit and enhance field workers’ overall efficiency. Plus, with all this data feeding straight into NetSuite, you gain the ability to closely monitor various field service KPIs, like how well workers are utilized and the profitability of jobs, customers, and technicians, making the entire process smoother and more efficient.

Asset Management:

Handle everything about your customer’s assets from when they’re set up to when they’re taken down or sold. You can also keep tabs on costs at each phase and see everything from asset rankings to usage history and maintenance records. It also enables you to set up warranties automatically, schedule maintenance ahead of time, and dive into details like failure rates, how well labor is being used, and more.

Inventory Management:

With NetSuite Field service by your side, you’ll have the right parts and tools in your trucks to meet customer needs, helping you nail it on the first try and cut down on extra trips. Use the mobile app to keep your inventory up to date from anywhere. Automatic inventory control keeps your tool kits ready to go and tracks everything to minimize losses and avoid writing off missing items.


Link fieldwork directly to sales orders and invoices in NetSuite. Invoices are created automatically based on the work performed and materials used, ensuring billing is spot-on and error-free. Set up automatic billing and payments for repeat services to streamline your processes.

Reporting and Analytics:

Get the insights you need from field services to make smarter decisions and boost your revenue. Understand the profit margins for each job, track costs, and measure your success against key performance indicators, all from one place. This consolidated data helps you stay on top of performance and drive improvements where they’re needed most.

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What to Expect from Field Service Management in the Future?

Technology is revolutionizing how we manage field services, and it’s clear this evolution is just getting started. With mobile tech, cloud apps, smarter scheduling, and routing methods, field service work is becoming more streamlined and automated than ever. As we look ahead, many exciting techs are on the horizon that could change the game, though it’s tough to say exactly which ones will make the biggest splash. Cloud-based software for managing field services is already making it easier for companies to tackle complicated scheduling issues and deliver consistent, top-notch service to their customers. The merging of IoT sensors, AI, and cutting-edge analytics is turning the once-futuristic idea of predictive analytics into reality, proving the key role of AI in field service management.

The next chapter in field service management will certainly be shaped by AI, IoT, computer vision, robotics, and more. For example, some companies are exploring drones for checking infrastructure or dropping off vital parts to field technicians. And with a network of connected sensors keeping an eye on safety conditions, it’s becoming possible to foresee and prevent issues before they even happen, making remote work safer than ever. This proactive approach has been made possible by integrating AI in field service management.

How Much Does NetSuite Field Service Management Cost?

Wondering about the cost of NetSuite Field Service Management as you look for a smarter way to manage your business? Companies of all sizes, from startups to rapidly expanding enterprises, are turning to NetSuite for solutions.

NetSuite operates on an annual subscription model for its license fee, which includes three key parts:

  • The core platform,
  • Any optional modules you choose,
  • The number of users.

Additionally, there’s a one-time fee for the initial setup to get you up and running. The great part about cloud software like this is its scalability—you can add more modules and users as your company grows.

NetSuite Field Service Management is an extra module you can tack onto your NetSuite subscription. Partners like AlphaBOLD can help you understand the requirements and pricing for the Field Service Module and suggest customizations that suit your unique business.

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How Can AlphaBOLD Help with NetSuite Field Service Management?

AlphaBOLD, as a certified NetSuite partner and consultant, offers a comprehensive range of services including implementation, customization, integration, optimization, and support for NetSuite software. Our status as a certified NetSuite partner enables us to provide technical and functional support tailored to our customers’ needs. Additionally, AlphaBOLD is committed to ensuring our customers’ success through the provision of educational materials and dedicated support.

  • Comprehensive Business Process Understanding: As a NetSuite implementation partner, we commit to understanding your business processes thoroughly, from start to finish.
  • Customized Solution Configuration: We define and tailor a custom NetSuite solution that’s suited to your business needs.
  • Extensive Training for Teams: Ensuring your team is fully trained and prepared to leverage your new NetSuite system to its full potential.
  • End-to-End Support Services: AlphaBOLD provides comprehensive support services for both new and existing NetSuite users facing ERP implementation challenges or feature gaps.
  • Optimization by Expert Developers: Our NetSuite developers are here to help you maximize your investment and optimize your business processes with our expertise.

With our ongoing support and tailored plans, we’re here to help you get the most out of your NetSuite Field Service Management investment, ensuring that your operations are as efficient and effective as possible.

Are you still confused about hiring a NetSuite solution partner? Read our blog: Why Executives Should Consider NetSuite Business Consultants.

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Wrapping up, diving into NetSuite Field Service Management is a game-changer for how businesses run and keep their customers happy. It simplifies everything from scheduling to managing assets and inventory, paving the way for growth. As tech like AI and IoT become part of our daily work, NetSuite turns into a must-have. It’s not just about solving today’s challenges; it’s about setting up your business for success down the road in a super competitive world.

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