30 May, 2023

Head-to-head Comparison: NetSuite vs. Epicor – Which System Reigns Better?


In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, choosing the right ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a strategic decision that goes beyond comparing features—it’s about aligning with a solution that can propel your organization’s growth and innovation. As a CIO, this decision is critical, as you are not just selecting software but investing in a technological ecosystem that will underpin your business’s operational excellence. This brings us to a pivotal head-to-head comparison: NetSuite vs. Epicor. Both systems have been recognized as visionaries in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERPs, each offering a unique blend of capabilities to enhance business operations. But the pressing question remains – which system better aligns with the specific needs of your organization?

Recognizing the weight of this decision, our article compares NetSuite and Epicor, dissecting their features, functionalities, and benefits with a keen eye on what matters most to you as a CIO. From the intricacies of system integration to scalability, cost factors, and the ability to future-proof your IT landscape, we delve into each aspect to offer clarity and direction in your decision-making process. In a market where technological agility is synonymous with competitive advantage, the choice of your ERP partner becomes a cornerstone of your business strategy. Join us as we explore how NetSuite and Epicor stack up, equipping you with the insights needed to select a system that not only addresses your current challenges but also drives your organization confidently into the future.

NetSuite Vs. Epicor: NetSuite's Cloud-based Versatility

When it comes to the NetSuite vs. Epicor debate, NetSuite distinguishes itself with its cloud-based ERP system, offering a versatile and comprehensive suite of tools for streamlined business management. With its robust modules covering financial management, supply chain management, manufacturing, inventory management, CRM, and e-commerce, NetSuite caters to a diverse range of business needs. Its cloud-based architecture, accessible from any location with internet connectivity, provides real-time operational visibility, a crucial asset for dynamic decision-making. The platform’s scalability and customization options make NetSuite an adaptable choice for businesses of all sizes and across various industries.

NetSuite Vs. Epicor: Epicor's Flexible Deployment

In the ERP system comparison, Epicor positions itself as a flexible solution, providing both on-premises and cloud-based deployment options. This adaptability enables businesses to choose a deployment model that aligns best with their operational preferences. Epicor offers a comprehensive suite of tools for financial, supply chain, production, and CRM management, making it a robust competitor in the NetSuite vs. Epicor matchup. Notably, its strong reporting and analytics features offer real-time operational insights, an invaluable resource for businesses. Particularly suited for the manufacturing and distribution sectors, Epicor allows companies to tailor the system to their unique processes, reflecting its commitment to flexibility and customization.

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NetSuite Vs. Epicor: Feature Comparison

Infographics show that NetSuite Vs. Epicor Feature Comparison
Feature NetSuite ERP Features Epicor ERP Features
Deployment Options
On-premises and Cloud-based
Financial Management
General ledger, A/P, A/R, Billing, Fixed Asset Management, Revenue Recognition, Financial Planning, Budgeting
General ledger, A/P, A/R, Billing, Fixed Asset Management, Tax Management, Financial Reporting
Supply Chain Management
Procurement, Inventory Management, Order Management, Production Management
Procurement, Inventory Management, Production Management, Quality Management, Shipping, and Receiving
Production Management, Work Order Management, Routing, Engineering Change Control
Manufacturing Execution System, Job Management, Material Requirements Planning, Capacity Planning
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Sales and Marketing Automation, Case Management, Customer Support, Marketing Analytics
Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Service and Support, Social CRM
SuiteCommerce Advanced, SuiteCommerce Instore
Epicor Commerce Connect
Reporting & Analytics
SuiteAnalytics, SuiteGL, SuiteBI
Epicor Data Analytics, Epicor Advanced Financial Reporting
Infographics show the User Guide for NetSuite Solutions

User Guide for NetSuite Pricing: All You Need to Know

All you need to know about NetSuite pricing! Explore our user guide for comprehensive insights.

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NetSuite Vs. Epicor: Pricing

NetSuite: NetSuite’s pricing is based on a subscription model and is calculated based on factors such as the number of users, modules required, and level of customization. Monthly subscription costs begin at $99, but the total price will depend on the solution the user requires. However, the cost can increase significantly based on the business’s specific needs, and additional fees may be required for implementation, training, and support. 

Epicor: Epicor’s pricing is also based on a subscription model, and the cost is calculated based on factors such as the number of users, modules required, and level of customization. Epicor does not publicly disclose its pricing, but estimates suggest that the cost can range from $1,000 to $2,500 per user per year, depending on the business’s specific needs. 

It is important to note that the actual cost for both systems can vary significantly based on the business’s specific needs, and it is always a clever idea to get a customized quote from an ERP implementation partner like AlphaBOLD before making a decision. 

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Featuring a Customer Case Study: Switching from Epicor to NetSuite

Indianapolis-based Pro-Flex, the supplier of a full line of plumbing products for the construction industry, saw an opportunity to move on from its legacy Epicor system when Peculiar, Mo, acquired it.  

Epicor presented multiple challenges for Pro-Flex, including a lack of visibility, incomplete data, and cumbersome manual processes. Pro-Flex’s controller, Gwen Hedrick, described Epicor as “not user-friendly.” Pro-Flex switched to NetSuite and has been happily using NetSuite ever since. 

Pro-Flex experienced tremendous benefits from NetSuite’s unified suite of applications. NetSuite’s cloud ERP provided users easy access from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Additionally, since all operational and financial information is in the system, it provides complete real-time visibility into financial data and business needs. 

“We’re able to get visibility into what we’re building that day, what we’re selling that day, what the inventory is at any given time. Everything is in real-time, and you never have to wait for information to be available. As a controller who manages the company from far away, it is essential to have real-time visibility to this data, ” says Gwen.  

For more detailed insights into Pro-Flex’s transition from Epicor to NetSuite, refer to the full case study available at NetSuite’s Official Case Study.

Embracing the Future with NetSuite: Strategic Considerations for Your ERP Journey

As we near the end of our detailed analysis of NetSuite vs. Epicor, it’s imperative for you as a CIO to not only evaluate the immediate functionalities but to also consider the broader, strategic implications of your ERP selection. In this crucial decision, it’s evident that NetSuite’s cloud-based, scalable architecture offers a compelling advantage for businesses looking towards future growth and digital transformation. With its comprehensive suite covering diverse business needs and the flexibility to customize, NetSuite stands as a solution that aligns seamlessly with evolving business strategies and the dynamic demands of the digital era. It’s not just about the operational efficiencies today; it’s about investing in a platform like NetSuite that promises long-term value, adaptability, and a clear path to technological advancement. We recommend delving deeper into how NetSuite’s innovative approach to ERP a catalyst for your business can be, possibly through an interactive webinar or a tailored consultation, to understand its role in empowering your organization’s future in an ever-changing digital landscape.

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At AlphaBOLD, our mission is to empower businesses through transformative solutions, and as a seasoned NetSuite implementation and support partner, we are uniquely positioned to guide you through every step of your ERP journey. Our deep-rooted expertise in NetSuite stems from years of hands-on experience, where we have successfully navigated diverse business landscapes to deliver tailored ERP solutions. Our approach is not just about implementation; it’s about forging a partnership that drives your business forward.

With a team of dedicated NetSuite experts, we understand the intricacies of various industries, ensuring that our solutions are not just technically sound but also strategically aligned with your specific business needs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulous planning, custom configurations, and comprehensive training programs, all designed to maximize the value of your NetSuite investment. We believe in a collaborative approach, working closely with your team to understand your challenges and aspirations, thereby crafting a solution that not only addresses your current requirements but also scales seamlessly with your growth.

Choosing AlphaBOLD means opting for a partner who is invested in your success. Our ongoing support and continuous improvement strategies ensure that your NetSuite environment evolves in tandem with your business, keeping you agile and competitive in a dynamic market. Trust us to be your guide in this transformative journey, where technology meets strategy to unlock new potentials for your business.


As we draw this comprehensive analysis to a close, it’s clear that selecting the right ERP system, be it NetSuite or Epicor, is a pivotal decision for your business’s operational excellence and future scalability. Through our detailed comparison, we’ve illuminated the distinct features and benefits each system offers, providing you with the insights necessary to make an informed choice.

In this decision-making process, AlphaBOLD stands as your ideal partner, especially for NetSuite implementations. Our extensive experience, industry knowledge, and commitment to your success set us apart, ensuring that your ERP solution is not just a technological upgrade but a strategic asset driving your business growth. With AlphaBOLD, you gain more than a service provider; you gain a partner dedicated to understanding your unique challenges and translating them into effective, scalable solutions.

Embrace the future with confidence, knowing that AlphaBOLD is by your side, equipping you with an ERP system that’s tailored to your business’s evolving needs. We invite you to explore the transformative impact of a well-implemented ERP system and discover how our partnership can elevate your business to new heights of efficiency and innovation.

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