2 April, 2020

SuiteCommerce – Point of Sale


In this blog, we will be discussing SuiteCommerce and its implications in the B2C industry. 

Formerly introduced in 2018, SuiteCommerce is NetSuite’s comprehensive offering integrating eCommerce with back-office systems. It is a unified cloud-based solution that combines in-store and online shopping experiences. SuiteCommerce consists of two platforms: 

NetSuite has amalgamated the best features of SuiteBuilder and SCA to minimize problems and hiccups. It provides users with modern, customizable themes that cater to all brand needs!  SuiteCommerce provides companies with quick and engaging web stores that focus on providing personalized shopping experiences for users on any device! 

Features like drag-and-drop options, templates for the marketplace, quick edit options, and various customization facilities make SuiteCommerce the perfect companion for nearly all companies! 

Why SuiteCommerce?

In today’s world, customer experience trumps all other factors that make or break a brand. A simple vendor who can engage his/her customers is likely to attract more customers than a retail outlet that does not provide personalized experiences to the customer. Now that we have online web stores, it has become more imperative for businesses to combine in-store and online experiences. This is where SuiteCommerce comes in! SuiteCommerce lets you know your customers, optimize customer engagement, and create lifetime value! How exactly is all this done? Well, it is simple, let’s take an example:

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Use Case 1: Personalized Profile

Let’s assume Customer X is a regular online shopper for Company Y. Your database has stored Customer X’s favorites, regularly ordered items, wish lists, etc., on the website. While your website can easily filter out items for customer X through his/her previous shopping behavior, the in-store manager may not be able to do so. This is where SuiteCommerce comes in at the “point of sale”.  

SuiteCommerce allows customers to move about freely from multiple channels and engage in a personalized online and in-store shopping experience. Suppose SuiteCommerce is implemented in the case of company Y. In that case, they can give their customer a tailormade experience by utilizing their online shopping profile to fulfill their needs. With nothing but a mobile device, the in-store manager can quickly identify exactly what the customer is looking for. This would save the time of Customer X and increase the chances of him/her to shop again! 

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Use Case 2: Inventory Management

Secondly, let’s say Customer X wants a certain item out of stock in the outlet; with SuiteCommerce, the in-store staff can locate the item at a nearby outlet and arrange for pick up and delivery. This not only personalizes the overall shopping experience for the user, but it also boosts customer loyalty and thus increases the overall revenue in the long run.  

SuiteCommerce allows all outlets to be linked through one unified platform, allowing inventory to be visible across all stores. This helps managers to locate products and route customers to the nearest store where they are available! 

SuiteCommerce is not limited to the B2C market. It is also widely used in the B2B industry as well. This allows sellers to create engaging websites for a variety of audiences. This, as a result, maximizes their buying efforts. Buyers can save time and get an exclusive personalized shopping experience based on their profiles online. SuiteCommerce empowers sellers to have efficient multichannel engagement with online stores, in-store sales, distributors, manufacturers, channel partners, etc., that can be accessed, managed, and monitored from a single platform. 

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With the advancement of technology, shopping behaviors have also evolved. Mobile devices, social media, and abundant information have empowered customers to move freely from in-store to online shopping experiences. In this highly competitive era, it has become important for all businesses to incorporate SuiteCommerce in their retailing endeavors. This will allow them to focus on customer experience through online and offline opportunities. In-store SuiteCommerce unifies shopping experiences through one cloud-based commerce platform.

I hope this blog helped you understand the growing need for SuiteCommerce in the B2C and B2B industries. If you have any questions or insights on the blog, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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