What’s New For Developers in NetSuite SuiteCommerce 2021.2: How To Build A Basic Website Setup


SCA(SuiteCommerce Advanced) is an advanced version of the NetSuite suite commerce feature, that is more flexible, Open Source, and easier to understand than Suite Commerce classic feature. SuiteCommerce Advanced is a top-level E-commerce solution provided by oracle NetSuite. It Covers core ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) operations including inventory management, order management, customer support, marketing, financials, and many more. NetSuite provides a flexible webstore solution for its users to sell/buy their product globally through an online store. 

After reading this blog users will be able to set up their initial web store using NetSuite SCA without any “CODING”. For this purpose, the user must have SuiteCommerce Advanced enabled NetSuite instance.  

Configure Basic Webstore    

We can configure a basic webstore by following a few simple steps listed below:  

  1. Installing the necessary bundles 
  2. Enabling SuiteCommerce Features 
  3. Configuring a SuiteCommerce Website
    • Adding Domain
    • Configuring SSP Application Touch Points 
    • Adding Required Field Sets 
    • Setting preferences

1. Installing the Necessary Bundles 

In the SCA instance, some necessary bundles are pre-installed which the user can review by the following navigation.Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles > List.  

Pre-installed bundles are listed below. Note of these bundles are necessary for building a webstore so if any of them is  not installed then the user must install the  missing bundle first. 

  • Product Merchandising 
  • Reference Product Lists Records 
  • Reference Product Review Records 

User must install some additional bundles too that are listed below. User can install bundles by the following navigation Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles. 

Users can search bundles through ID or name by using the KEYWORDS field and can initiate the bundle installation process for each required bundle 

  • SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) 
  • SuiteCommerce Extension Management  
  • SuiteCommerce Base Theme 
  • SuiteCommerce Configuration 
  • SMT Core Content Types 

2. Enabling SuiteCommerce Features 

Some supporting features should be enabled with the SuiteCommerce feature in the user account to build a webstore. User can verify and enable/disable features by the following navigation Setup > Company > Enable Features. 

Features that are necessary to be enabled for configuring webstore are listed below: 

Subtab: SuiteCloud 



Subtab: Web Presence 



3. Configuring a SuiteCommerce Advanced Web Site 

After installation of all the necessary bundles,  the user can create web site setup that will allow him to configure the domain, website fieldsets, SSP application touchpoints, and other functional preferences. To create web site record, go to the setup website record by the following navigation Commerce> Websites >New.  

  • Click on the Start Set Up button under SuiteComerce Advanced setup. 
  • Set Display and Internal name (Required fields) and save record.  
  • Adding Domain 

Re-edit website record to add new Domain under domain subtab. 

  • Click on Add new Domain button. 
  • Select Web store only in add domain popup window. 
  • Select Domain type: Web store only 
  • Domain Name: Valid domain without “https//:” 
  • Select Website you have just created 
  • Select Hosting Root: Live Hosting files  
  • Leave “USE SSL CERTIFICATE TO SECURE DOMAIN” checkbox unchecked.  

Save website record after saving the domain. After saving the domain you will notice the DNS status as shown in the figure below:   

DNS status


Now Re-edit website record and check PRIMARY WEBSITE URL true, this option will appear after adding domain and saving the website record.


  • Configure SSP Application Touch Points 

To configure SSP application touchpoints go to the SSP application by following this navigation Commerce > Hosting > SSP Applications view your SSP application (Depends on the bundle version you chose) If your bundle version is 2021.2.0 then you will see the name: SuiteCommerce Advanced – Dev 2021.2.0. 

Click on Link to Domain button on the SSP application record. Select your domain under the domain and select field and save the record. 

  • Adding Required Field Sets 

To add required fieldsets under the Field Sets subtab on website record you need to find script fieldset-setup-script.js. You can find this script by the following navigation Documents > Files > File Cabinet > SuiteCommerce Training(If you are using training account) > Web Store Administration > fieldset-setup-script.js  or you can search this file in the global search bar. 

Edit this file and replace site ID with your website id, you will get your site ID in the URL of your website record.


After replacing site ID execute this script into script debugger (“script debugger is the first real-time, webbased interactive debugger to allow code validation and testing as third-party applications run on the application server”). You can open script debugger by following navigation Customization > Scripting > Script Debugger or can follow the visual GIF Image below. 

Adding Required Field Sets

Place your copied script code into debugger editor and change the default API version 2.0 to 1.0 and execute the script. This script will add all the required field set under Field Sets subtab into the website record. 

 You can review the change in your Field sets subtab after and before the execution of the script.  

  • Set preferences for SuiteCommerce Advanced 

After adding required field sets you will need to set a few required preferences in your website record.  

  • Subtab: Images  

      1. Field: IMAGE DOMAIN 

          Value: Select your domain (This is the same domain name entered on the Domains subtab) 

      2. Field: IMAGE FOLDER 

Value: Web Site Hosting Files: Live Hosting Files : images (This is the default location of all product images) 

  • Subtab: Setup 

          1. Field: DEFAULT HOSTING ROOT 

              Value: Web Site Hosting Files : Live Hosting Files 


              Value: Standard “Sales Order” Form 


              Value: Standard “Sales Order” Form 

After this, scroll down into setup subtab and set default subsidiary as “Generation N US”. 


Save website record and open your domain into a new tab/window of your browser. You will see that your basic initial website and the basic SCA theme is configured with them by default as you can visualize in the GIF image below. 




We hope this blog helped you in building your own webstore in SCA. In our next blogs, we will be configuring items, themes, extensions, payment methods, and other features that are available in SCA. 

If you want to share your thoughts or suggestions? Feel free to leave your comments – we are ready to hear from you. 

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